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Geometry Dash Apk App Download For Android, iOS

Geometry Dash is a very interesting Game which is based on side-scrolling. Geometry Dash Game has a Huge Popularity in the smartphones and tablet computers. Geometry Dash Game has developed by Sweden-based game developer Robert Topala and Publisher of Geometry Game is his own company Rob top Games.

Geometry Dash Game initially released in the year 2013 and got updated by the company on 21 December 2015. Geometry Dash Game really looks simple in terms of visual and playing these specialties make it a very Interesting Game and other features of Geometry Dash Game like Level Editor, Map Packs, Secrets Coins. Icon Variety, User Created Level, and Game modes. In the last update, some new and interesting features like Use Coins and Secret Vault also added in this game.

Geometry game created for iOS and Android devices in August 2013 by Robert Topala and published by RobTop Games. But after Updates Geometry Game is now available on almost every single platform like iOS, Windows Phones, Android, Microsoft Windows etc. Geometry Dash game is a Level-Based game. there is total 20 levels are available in Geometry Dash.

If you want to play next Level you must complete the earlier level first there is no way to overcome any of the levels. When you entered in next level you will find that this level is more difficult than the last one and this difficulty will increase level-to-level. Once you started to play the game you will be addicted to game same happened with me, and you will get more interest level to level. Geometry Dash Game size is only 3 MB, so this game will not cover huge space in the device.

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Geometry Dash Gameplay

In terms of controlling, the game is like a walk on the road or in a park. and some icons will move on your side you should need to save your player from the icons. you just touched the screen and your game will start. you can not control the speed of the moving of icons in between the game. if you want to change the speed of icons you should change the settings and change portal.  The main part of the game is rhythm and time and the time and rhythm make a different effect with each other. As I said that this is a level based game. and the main object of the player is to be reached at the end of the game by completing all the levels.

Once you cross a level you will not need to play it again. but if your player dies in the middle of a level then you will start again at the beginning of the level. All the level can be played from the out of the order because they all are unlocked from the start except three last levels which are unlocked only in the pro version of the game. You can collect maximum three coins from a level which are hidden on the ground and in the air.

The game icons are available in six different forms they act in a different way with each interaction. they can be changed or reformed with six different portals. the behavior of the icons can also be changed with the change portals. the portal will enter in a medium where will two vehicles exists from the opposite gravities. there is four different speed options are available for vehicles.  and also vehicle can travel in inverted gravity. With mini Portland, their gravity also can be changed upside down.
Geometry Dash Subzero for Android

There is another main feature which is known by achievement. This achievement can be unlocked or attained by some different things like getting a certain number of stars, completing certain demon rated levels, liking or disliking online levels, rating custom levels, adding other friends, completing official levels and few secret achievements like unlocked through undisclosed means. when you unlock new achievements you will get some extra features related to icons.

After that, you will get some extra features like changing colors of the icons kit and you can change the icon colors with this icon color kit. When you complete an achievement Geometry Dash will reward with certain points or coins which they can irritate the icons customization. when you complete a level you will be rewarded with certain things from the beginning levels like you will get three certain coins from every single level from the beginning.

it's easy to get these coins in earlier levels but the more levels you will complete the more difficult you will get. in difficulties, you will get distracting decorations, bleary and invisible obstacles with some various background aspects. In the terms of level shorting the main consideration is difficulty the more level you achieve the more difficult will be they are. Geometry Dash also has some practice mode for every level. in practice mode, you will get some checkpoints. These checkpoints will allow you to restart the game from the checkpoints instead of very beginning. the average length of a game level is 1:22 minutes to 1:42 minutes.

Custom Levels of Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash Game also added a feature of a level editor. but this feature is only available for the owner of the full version of Geometry Dash. can create their own with up to three user coins. These levels are unofficial. But the players who have the ability to like or dislike other players level they can rate them in stars and also can comment on them. You can also use the background sound of the game in your custom level and also you can use custom music from Newgrounds site.

Wit the Custom level feature, there is another option also available which is known by the name of copying feature. In this feature, you can save a copy of the online game level. but this feature only used if allowed by the owner of the level creator. these custom level's difficulty can be described as per the star rating and this will be like this .

  • One Star - Auto
  • Two Star - Easy
  • Three Star - Normal
  • Four and Five Star - Hard
  • Six and Seven Star - Harder
  • Eight and Nine Star - Insane
  • Ten Stars - Demon
But after the new update of the Game (Geometry Dash 2.0) you can vote Number of stars and difficulty separately.Before this update, there was not the option of voting for difficulty. The official levels do not follow the rule.

Versions of Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash 2.0 Version

Geometry Dash Game got updated time to time with new and interesting features. These Features make this game more interesting and more user-friendly. Geometry 2.0 was the 10th update of Geometry Dash Game. This update was declared on 26 August 2015. Robtop created user-friendly changes in this update.This was an action entertainment and standard action version of Geometry Dash Game. That version arrived with two version one was lite that was free for the users and second was the full shape which you need to purchase from the Android store.

Geometry Dash 2.0 was live with new features which have included with the new level which was by the name of Geometrical Dominator and the new demon level named deadlock. Geometry Dash 2.0 APK got more than 50k downloads from the different destinations. This update would not change in shape or size of the icons. Instead of given there are many more features were available in Geometry Dash 2.0 and the features list is here,

Download Geometry Dash

Features of Geometry Dash 2.0

  • This Version was an action based version according to a game with a cool and heavenly smooth music which keeps going you with entertainment.
  • this version came with two modes: Practice Mode and Normal Mode. You can take a bow of practice for every level before to go with the normal one.
  • This was the first version which allowed you to create your own level.
  • The decoration of game lights after that update can make you more addict for this game.
  • In most levels, you can use Square Shape while avoiding Triangle Shape. this is the basic rule of Geometry Dash Game.
  • The achievement session was started from this update, achievement session has been described in starting of the article.
These are the top most features of Geometry Dash 2.0 version after that, this Game has got more updated version here I am going to mention all of them.

Geometry Dash 2.1 Version

Geometry Dash 2.1 was the latest update of this game. Geometry Dash 2.1 came with many top level changes in the last version of Geometry Dash. After This Update Geometry dash available for all type of devices and operating systems like PC and Mobile Device, iOS, Android System and Windows Phone. And also developer fix a lot of bugs of earlier version Geometry Dash 2.0. After updating 2.1 mobile user experience better performance of the game.

Some other cool features for the game also added like the counting of stars demons and the coins which are collected by the users. The user can use Jump and Fly options in the danger. after all this game was super fun game with extremely powerful music. In this level when you pass the levels of the game you will get new and more interesting music in the game.

Features and details of Geometry Dash 2.1

In this game also when you complete a level you will be rewarded with three secret points. the collection of coins will help you to unlock the official levels of the game. with 10 secret points you can unlock Club Step Level, With 20 Secret coins You can Unlock Theory of Everything 2 Level, With 30 Secret Points, you can unlock Deadlock Level. There is two level in the game official level and custom level. when you get stars for your level it represents the hardness of the game. Oficial levels give more stars than custom levels. 

  • For taking out the stars that the players earned a hosting for cheat framework and another bounce ring was added in Geometry Dash 2.1.
  • After This update, this game can be downloaded for all mobile device as well as PC. 
  • This version also introduced with 20 levels but this time all the levels came with new and unique background music. 
  • This was the first version of Geometry Dash which has allowed you to create customized levels to play as they want.
  • Map Packs are also available in Geometry Dash 2.1.
these are the topmost changes which were included in the update of 2.1 version. Geometry Dash 2.1 update happened in many parts. Just after updating the Geometry 2.0 developer found some bugs in the game to fix all of them the first part of Geometry Dash 2.1. Robert Topala introduced this update on May 26, 2016, and said "I needed to strip up the craftsmanship style a bit, keep things new. More absurdity in 2.1 "

After some days Developer Robert Topala took a Question Anser Session from users and after that, confirmed that another bounce ring will be included in the game and another hostile to cheat framework will be added and with these changes the next update happened om 22nd September 2015.

The next update happened with Geometrical Dominator on 28 September 2015.

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After one month of the last update, the next update was live on 29 October 2015, This update came with solid shape and piece taking after stone and magma.